Orange Campus

On a total area of over 160.000 square feet, the centerpiece of the OrangeCampus is the main court holding 500 spectators. Two additional gyms are directly connected to a three-storied fitness center. Time between training sessions can be used by players for having lunch at the cafeteria, treatments or hanging out at the riverside. The OrangeCampus provides all the players need - all in one.


What about a basketball program with the capacity for 1.000 young athletes playing and spreading the sport of basketball all over the region? We turned this vision into reality by establishing the OrangeCampus.

Located in the heart of Europe in the south of Germany, Ulm’s new campus has the perfect infrastructure. Just 50 miles away from Stuttgart and 90 miles away from Munich this basketball campus has more to offer than a simple training facility. The OrangeCampus is the heart of Ulm basketball, a centerpiece of the city of Ulm and will take the sport of basketball to the next level.



The OrangeCampus is located along the Danube river, revitalizing an area that has been closed down for many years. The OrangeCampus features a public area for outdoor activities: like outdoor basketball. By preserving most of the existing countryside, the OrangeCampus is a Green Campus as well. Former head coach of Germany‘s national team and now NBA assistant coach (Chicago Bulls), Chris Fleming, says: „The Ulm concept is brilliant.“

The OrangeCampus is unique in Germany and all over Europe, setting a new standard in player development.

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